The Music Stand at Tower Grove Park
4256 Magnolia Ave
Saint Louis, MO 63110
(314) 771-2679
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Information for our guests

The Ceremony will start at 4:30pm on Saturday May, 11th!  Gene Basler, Matt's Uncle & close friend of the Bride and Groom's, will be the Officiant for the Ceremony! 

Driving directions

Coming from I-55 North to Grand Blvd - 

1. Take 55 North to 44 West

2. Take 44 West to Grand Blvd

3.  Make a left onto Grand Blvd


Coming from I-44 East to Grand Blvd - 

1.  Take 44 East to Grand Blvd

2. Make a right onto Grand Blvd


From Grand Blvd to Tower Grove Park -

1. Take Grand Blvd to Magnolia Ave

2. Make a right onto Magnolia Ave

3. Take Magnolia Ave to Tower Grove Ave/Center Cross Dr.

4. Make a left onto Center Cross Dr

5. Make a right onto Main Dr after the Round About

6. You will see the Ruins/Piper Palm House and Music Stand on the Left

Additional information

Parking at the Music Stand in Tower Grove Park is all around the ceremony site.  You can park on the side of the road by the actual Ceremony Site or walk a little bit if you park in the parking lot that is closest (it's not too far of a walk though).  

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